Slowly, silently, now the moon

Many years ago, when I was in 4th year juniors, (now known as year 6), we were given a sheet of poems about the moon, and told to memorise our favourite, in order to be able to recite it in class.  That’s what I did, but discovered, when we had to recite the poems, that everyone else had chosen the four line poem as their favourite!

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A carpet of the finest jewels

It’s a time of year when the sun can dazzle in the morning, and rivers pour from the sky in the afternoon, and that’s just what it did here yesterday.

The rain continued through the night, but crept messily away to leave today gleaming like June, leftover raindrops liberally scattered, each one a tiny multi coloured fragment. Continue reading

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Cheers to Autumn, and to you

Did you know that this month is #SelfCareSeptember? I didn’t, until @minds_out prompted me on Twitter.

Whilst it’s easy to roll your eyes at yet another monthly hashtag, this one is a very simple idea, and a gentle prompt to look after yourself.

Of course we all know that we should ‘look after number one’, but it’s easy to get out of the habit, and it can be quite arduous to get that habit back.

I started having a drink outdoors every day, regardless of weather, during #30DaysWild in June. I’ve made an effort to continue this, because I found it added a little nugget of relaxation and pleasure to my day.

I hadn’t realised just how much it was benefitting me until today. I didn’t have a drink outside on Sunday; no reason, just busy and didn’t see the point in making an effort. Monday saw me glum, and I didn’t think I deserved a drink outdoors.


Isn’t that just a ridiculous statement?

This is something that gives me a mental lift; of course I deserve it!

Today I had a glass of water in the garden, and admired the changes in the plants. It helped that the sun shone down and put a warm reassuring hand on my shoulder, but I’d have still done the same in the rain.

Do I feel better because I’ve ‘self cared’? Definitely, and I still feel better now.

Have a look at the hashtag, and remember to do something for you. You’re worth it.

Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’



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Sewing: Drawstring P.E. Bag

It’s the time of year for many educational firsts. Our youngest is starting school in September, and we have collated uniform and accessories for him in preparation. The one accessory we haven’t bought is his P.E. bag.

I wanted something he could spot easily on the classroom pegs, and know confidently that it was his. It won’t matter so much in later years as his reading improves, but for now, it is a way I can help him to be independent. Continue reading

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A round of drinks for August

Well, I managed another month of outdoor drinks; almost. One day caught me out, but I’d had an ice lolly outside, so that counts as a frozen drink: doesn’t it?

What does matter is that I’ve spent time outdoors every day in August, regardless of the weather. Sometimes it’s been hours, sometimes it’s been five minutes, but I’ve felt refreshed each time. The drink is just an excuse, something to photograph and share, and I hope you too find a fun excuse to be outdoors.

A drink outdoors each day of September is now in my sights, and I’m looking forward to it.

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Another diary? Review of Boxclever Press Everyday Diary

If you’ve just read my post raving about my Family Life Diary, you’d probably be very surprised to read a post straight afterwards about another diary, but that’s exactly what this post is about.

The key word above though is ‘family’. This diary collates all the important events that we need to be aware of, and ensures, for instance, that birthday cards are bought and sent, school events are attended, and replies are returned on time. It’s responsible for my veneer of organisation.

I wanted a diary to cover some of the dates that are relevant to me, but don’t impact the family. Think work diaries. Continue reading

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2017 Family Life Diary is go!

Family Life Diary

If you’ve been reading my witterings for a while, you’ll probably be aware that I’m a fan of a particular diary. Organised Mum have rebranded as Boxclever Press, which is more inclusive of non mums, but still provides a brilliant range of products to help you be stylishly organised.

I was very tempted this year by the Busy Days Organiser, but with all three children at school from September, I’m staying loyal to the diary that has helped me stay prepared. Continue reading

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July, July, oh how time flies!

It doesn’t feel like a month has passed since I wrote my last 30 Days Wild post, but it is now the end of July, and I don’t feel ready for August!

We’ve still been having drinks outside, and a few ice creams too, but I got out of the habit of taking a photograph of each daily drink. I’m going to try to capture my outdoor drinks from August onwards, and share them as a summary. I’ve not decided yet whether that will be weekly or monthly, or even both. Which would you prefer?

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Now available on Bloglovin

For those of you who use it, I’m now on Bloglovin. If you’d like to view my posts that way, please follow the link. Thank you!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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30 Days Wild 2017: Day 30 – A month long celebration of nature

Of course nature isn’t just for June; it’s for life.

I’ve always loved nature, and it’s always been part of my life. My parents brought me up to respect nature, and I grew up being fascinated and enthralled by the magic around me.

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